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Emory is exceeding our expectations! He’s just the perfect puppy for us in every way. Mike does the late night shift (watching golf) with him and I do the early morning. He went to the vet yesterday and did great! Thank you for all you did for him during his first 8 weeks. He’s just so special. It’s pretty much eat, play, sleep, repeat. 

- New Owners of Emory


Thank you for my beautiful handsome bundle of joy. I truly appreciate all of the special love and care that BFF Goldendoodles provided to create my little man. 
He already loves playing, eating, and chilling. All your puppies are amazing and I am blessed to have researched and discovered BFF Goldendoodles.

- Marcie B.


A delightful woman named “Susan Hallman” recently retained my services to take her new puppy, “Jensen,” through my Right Start Puppy Program. I am an old trainer who believes in giving credit where credit is due. You are excellent breeders. Jensen’s temperament and intelligence? Way above the average curve. His disposition is charming. This puppy was well-socialized and conditioned to new sights, scents, and beings before going to his new, forever family. Few breeders are this conscientious. BFF Goldendoodles does an exceptional job in breeding healthy, well-adjusted puppies. I hope to have the opportunity to train more of your dogs. As a trainer, working with well-bred, well-raised puppies is a genuine pleasure, and BFF Goldendoodles breeds fantastic dogs.

- Eileen Floyd, Member of the APDT & Shock-Free Coalition


"We love our puppy so much. Gigi sent updates throughout the whole process. We facetimed, got info on his temperment , and he had his first set of shots before we got him. He is sweet, calm, and the perfect addition to our family. We highly recommend gigi and all her beautiful golden doodles!"

- New Owners of Blue


"Could not be happier with this perfect little puppy!  Gigi is fantastic with all of her pups and a pleasure to work with through the process.  Could not have more praise for BFF Goldendoodles!"

- New Owners of Nash


"I can’t say enough kind words about BFF Goldendoodles. Gail goes above and beyond, from answering all questions and concerns to training the dogs. She’s absolutely amazing!!! My dog is almost completely potty trained at just 8 weeks, it doesn’t get any better than that!"

- New Owners of Gucci


"We could not be happier that we purchased Hudson from BFF Goldendoodles at 8 weeks old.  He is healthy, sweet, and cuddly, yet very playful and energetic.  He is so smart, which has made the training so very easy.  When it came time to pick up our puppy, Gigi was so great at giving us detailed information about their 

personalities. She was also great at posting current pictures and videos of the puppies throughout their 8 weeks, and she was always available for questions.  

We couldn’t be happier with Hudson, and we would highly recommend BFF Goldendoodles if you are looking for a great quality puppy!"

- New Owners of Hudson


"We love Louie so much! He has been the best addition to our family. He’s very well-behaved and has little to no accidents."

- New Owners of Louie


"We have Archie for a week now and could not be happier. Such a good boy. He comes when called every time, sleeps through the night, and potty training is going well. His new big sister is jealous, steals all his toys, and won’t let him sleep on my lap."

- New Owners of Archie

Bridget's Dog

"I came across 8-week-old goldendoodles in my neighborhood and quickly looked up the breeder. Gigi was an absolute doll! So responsive, reliable, and professional. We
FaceTimed to choose the puppy we wanted and picked up our puppy the next day! He had all of his initial shots and vet documents done. Would purchase the entire litter if I could! Our puppy is so well-behaved and adorable."

- New Owners of Brando


BFF Goldendoodles is so wonderful, competent, and nurturing! I fell in love with a picture of a beautiful puppy on Instagram sent to me by a friend and followed up to find out more. Gigi was immediately responsive, patient, and informative as we navigated all there is to think about when getting a new puppy. We anxiously awaited the arrival of a litter that suited our timing, and BFF Goldendoodles stayed in touch the whole time with updates and then pictures and videos of the new pups.

Our new girl came home 8 days ago, and I can’t even begin to share what a beautiful and well-adjusted puppy she is. Our girl Hanalei was a perfect traveler coming home with us by plane. She is so calm but playful and so sweet and open with people. BFF took such love caring for the pups that we have a dog that is already adjusted to our home and isn’t timid or startled by big noises or the vacuum or our older dog. She wants to be loved but is respectful of her canine sister’s space. Our puppy is truly so beautiful, soft as a bunny, and so smart! I have been telling everyone where they can get one just like her!

- New Owners of Hanalei

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