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What Is GANA?

The Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) is one of the only breed clubs for Goldendoodles. Their primary goal is to help breeders maintain the health of the parents and their puppies. 

GANA guides breeders to establish a high-quality coat, health, and temperament for their puppies. Additionally, GANA is committed to documenting the breed's ancestry to help the breed's development. With the help of their registry, Goldendoodle breeders have a library of information accessible to them to help keep their litters happy and healthy.

Their library of Goldendoodle information has the entire history of the breed, training tips, grooming information, pet insurance assistance, breeding assistance, food and treatment

recommendations, and travel tips.

To become a GANA breeding member, they require the parents to go through a number of health tests and exams to ensure they are healthy enough for successful breeding.

This amazing organization allows you to get certified under their name and initiative so breeders and dog owners can stay up-to-date on new studies and research that affect Goldendoodles. 

Gigi is a full GANA member with a blue ribbon status.

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GANA - BFF Goldendoodles - Palm Beach
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