Our Parents

Brooklynn (Mom)

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"Shining Star's" Brooklnn is our beautiful red mini goldendoodle. Brooklynn comes to us from Shining Star Goldendoodles of Colorado. Brooklynn is cleared of 150 genetic diseases by Embark. (OFA good). Brooklynn has a soft, wavy/curly coat and weighs 28lbs. She is extremely smart, gentle, and intuitive. She seems to know when you need a friend. She is playful, sometimes quirky, and gets along with her humans as well as her 4 legged siblings. She was easy to train and is willing to please. We are so glad to have her as one of our upcoming moms. We will notify you when the pregnancy is confirmed and begin to accept reservation fees (non-refundable $500) for that litter.

Arielle (Mom)

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Our Arielle is our poodle princess. She is a small standard deep red poodle with a beautiful soft coat. Arielle is brilliant, learns quickly, and is eager to please. She is highly affectionate and is a gentle, loving soul and the best cuddle bug. She is our snuggle-able big lap dog. We are so happy to have her as one of our future moms. She has been health tested by Embark and is clear of 150 genetic diseases. Arielle weighs 41 pounds. We will notify you when the pregnancy is confirmed, and then we will begin to accept reservation fees (non-refundable $500) for that litter.

McKenzie (Mom)

McKenzie 2
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"Shining Star's" McKenzie is the newest addition to our future moms. Kenzie comes to us from Shining Star Goldendoodles. She is a beautiful cream standard F1 Goldendoodle and comes from excellent golden retriever and poodle lines. She has a happy-go-lucky, sweet personality. She loves to play outside with her four-legged friends. Kenzie loves to cuddle on the couch, and she is very attentive to her humans. We expect her to produce beautiful puppies in the future, pending all testing. She should weigh between 45 and 50 pounds at her adult weight.

Cruze (Dad)

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"Wonderland's" Cruze Man is our most recent addition. He is a fantastic mini, red, tuxedo multi-gen. He has a super soft wavy coat. Cruze comes to us from Wonderland Goldendoodles in Oregon from Gana blue ribbon parents. Cruze loves everyone he meets as well as all of his siblings. Cruze is intelligent and playful, and highly attentive to his humans. He is so easy to train. He is genetically clear from Embark of 150 genetic diseases. When all of his tests are completed, we plan to use Cruze as our main stud. Cruze should weigh 25-28lbs as an adult.