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TLC Pet Food

TLC Pet Food is dedicated to offering high-quality, well-balanced pet food formulations with a focus on life enhancement. Pioneering the inclusion of highly concentrated meat-based proteins as the first two ingredients in their Whole Life Dog Food formula, TLC emphasizes the use of premium ingredients while avoiding artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This commitment to quality and trust is reflected in their original recipe, providing pet parents with a reliable and flavorful option for their pets.

Expanding beyond its flagship Whole Life Dog Food, TLC Pet Food has introduced a comprehensive range of products, including premium cat food, puppy food, and dog biscuits. The company has grown significantly, primarily fueled by positive word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied customers across Canada and the U.S. Notably, TLC Pet Food exclusively sells its products online, ensuring that their pet food is made fresh, packaged securely, and shipped free of charge directly to customers' doorsteps.


Health and nutrition will be extremely important for your pup. We have gone to great lengths to take care of the genetic part of your new pet’s health through years of testing and only breeding the best moms and dads we have. Nutrition will be just as important for you going forward. We start all our dogs on NuVet Plus as we have found it to be the highest quality on the market. Your puppy will require the highest level of nutrition and vitamins which is why I also highly recommend NuVet Plus total immune vitamin for the best health. We have found it to be the top vitamin supplement on the market.


NuVet Plus is a human-grade vitamin total body supplement made by Veterinarians. It is a precise combination of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids, and high-potency antioxidants for optimal health. It is designed specifically to stimulate and enhance the immune system of dogs of all ages, but especially in the first year when your puppy is developing. Your puppy will be dealing with the stress of adoption, and separation from the mother, and will be just coming off the weaning period when he or she comes to your home. NuVet Plus is hand-crafted to help build a strong internal immune system to defend against viruses, bacteria, pesticides, and outdoor toxins. It also has micronutrients to help support healthy skin, coat, vision, and digestion.


Most importantly for your dog, NuVet Plus is designed with specific nutrients for proper growth and development. These are essential and help to fortify bone structure, and teeth, develop muscle tissues, tendons, and cells while your puppy’s growth plates are coming into maturity and still open. This is essential since your puppy’s growth plates take up to 2 years to fully close. This stage, where a puppy is growing and developing, has a great impact on the future health of the entirety of a dog’s life. High-quality nutrition and vitamins during this stage can help lead to optimal health, strength, and longevity of the dog through adulthood.


It’s also very easy. NuVet Plus comes in a wafer form and you just give it to your dog as a treat. It’s made with real chicken liver. No sugars, fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Our dogs love it. It’s not a pill where you will have to trick your dog into eating it. Very simple.


We absolutely recommend you have NuVet Plus before your puppy comes home. One bottle has 90-wafers. It will be just one a day while your puppy is growing. NuVet Labs vitamins are human-grade and not available to the public.

The order code is 549422.  You can order by clicking here. Or by calling 1-800-474-7044 using code 549422 You can get a six-month supply for less than $17 per month on auto-ship. We recommend having at least a six-month supply on hand to give your puppy the best start possible.


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